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The best Android guitar simulator available (as far as we know)!

Important News

Hey! If you're using the 1.0 ADC version of g-tar from Android Developer Challenge 2, your phone might run into some problems with the audio cutting out randomly. We've found that this is a hardware problem with some phones. There are two things you can do to help this:

We know you love to serenade your girlfriend without a bulky guitar, but we'd hate for you to embarass yourself in front of her with choppy audio. And when you're able to finally tie the knot, just remember who helped you get there, OK?

About g-tar

g-tar is a most excellent guitar simulator application created by Doug Stevenson and Markleford Friedman for the Android Developer Challenge 2. It's also available from the Android Market. Just search for g-tar. It's only been tested on the G1 so if you're running into problems on another phone model, we'd like to know what happened for you. As usual, with all sound and graphic intense applications, it will work better if you don't have lots of other applications running at the same time. Maybe turn on airplane mode to keep it quiet.

The current free version of g-tar will be fully functional and free through the duration of ADC2 judging. On December 1, 2009 the free version will expire, at which point we will release a limited free version and a full featured paid version. Yes, we will be those jerks who ask for a couple dollars for fun mobile software! You will no longer have to hate us just because we are beautiful!

Anyway, g-tar is sporting the following features:


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Doug Stevenson is the proprietor and lead code jockey.

Markleford Friedman is the graphic and audio artist and all-around advice-giver. He is more awesomer than Doug and knows lots of guitar chords.

Thanks to Daniel Einspanjer and Tim Vaverchak for timely testing and feedback during the last week of development.

This site was designed to be easily read on devices with small displays and limited bandwidth.

If you have any questions or comments about g-tar, you can email us at: android at hyperaware dot com